Size Sound System

SIZE SOUND SYSTEM: Diving into the core of electronic music culture. Witness the meeting point of groundbreaking innovation and timeless tradition. Step in and be part of the sonic renaissance.

Embark on a sonic journey that transcends the realm of ordinary radio shows with SIZE SOUND SYSTEM. Under the expert guidance of industry head Steve Angello, this show is an homage to the 20-year legacy of SIZE Records -one of the most influential labels in electronic dance music.

Tune in to relive the tracks that have left an indelible imprint on the music scene over the past two decades. Each monthly episode is meticulously curated, drawing upon SIZE Records' vast repertoire.

Alongside a unique blend of old classics and current hits, get ready for exclusive previews from the SIZE's catalog. It's more than just a radio show; it's a unifying thread that connects electronic music's past, present, and future.

One hour
7:00 PM (EDT)

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