Markus Schulz & Sir Ivan Collab on Summer Trance Anthem 'Turn! Turn! Turn!'

Turn! Turn! Turn!

In an innovative pairing that is sure to stir the trance music scene, legendary DJ/producer Markus Schulz and spirited singer-songwriter Sir Ivan, also known as 'Peaceman,' have announced their first-ever collaboration — "Turn! Turn! Turn!" — set to release on May 17, 2024, through Coldharbour Recordings. This song marks a significant milestone, as it melds the distinct talents of both artists into a transformative musical experience and also sends a much-needed message of peace.

Markus Schulz, renowned for his mastery of blending trance, progressive, and techno, brings his extensive experience and artistic flair to this project. Schulz, whose career includes top rankings in DJ Mag’s Top 100 and multiple titles as America’s Best DJ from DJ Times magazine, expressed his deep connection to the song’s message. “In a world overshadowed by discord and unrest, the enduring message of hope can still resonate loudly: It’s not too late for peace," Schulz said. He emphasized the song's relevance, noting, "In a landscape where division seems to dominate, the reminder that peace is still within reach is not only timely but paramount. Through the gift of our bond with music, we have the opportunity to amplify this message.”

Sir Ivan, known for his Billboard Top 10 hits and his advocacy for peace through music, brings his unique style to the table by reviving and reinterpreting iconic peace anthems with an electronic dance music twist. His approach has successfully breathed new life into songs from a bygone era of activism. Speaking about their joint effort, Sir Ivan highlighted the potential impact of their track. "My hope is that the contagious track Markus Schulz created will spread the lyrical message of peace throughout dance floors all over the world and inspire its listeners to love one another,” he stated.

"Turn! Turn! Turn!", originally written by Pete Seeger and popularized by the Byrds, is renowned for its timeless message of change and renewal. This rendition takes it further, blending Sir Ivan's smooth vocals with the euphoric beats of trance and a creative guitar riff, underscored by Markus Schulz's production wizardry. This synergy not only rejuvenates a classic but also enriches the trance genre with a novel and vibrant sound.

Turn! Turn! Turn!
Markus Schulz,
Sir Ivan
Coldharbour Recordings,
Black Hole Recordings
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"Turn! Turn! Turn!" received a global premiere on Markus Schulz’s "Global DJ Broadcast," and the release is being supported by an extensive promotional campaign. Fans can also look forward to an official music video, enhancing the track's reach and impact.

As "Turn! Turn! Turn!" prepares to make its mark, both Markus Schulz and Sir Ivan continue to demonstrate their ability to use music as a force for unity and change, resonating with fans around the globe and championing the timeless call for peace.

Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz’s career has been marked by a series of successful ventures, including his Global DJ Broadcast radio show and stewardship of the Coldharbour Recordings label. His recent works, like "The Rabbit Hole Circus," have continued to solidify his place in the electronic music domain.

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Sir Ivan

Sir Ivan has dedicated his career to transforming the power of 1960s and 70s anti-war songs into modern dance hits. His commitment extends beyond music, with all net proceeds from his releases supporting The Peaceman Foundation®, a charity battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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